The Houston Business and Tax Law Journal (“HBTLJ”) was organized in 2000 at the University of Houston Law Center.  In April of that year, the Journal became the first student edited journal in the state of Texas to publish electronic articles.  

The Journal publishes one volume annually, comprising at least two issues.  Each issue contains articles written by student members of the Journal and practitioners, including law professors, judges and practicing lawyers.  These articles are selected to serve the scholarly interests of students, academics, and professionals within the national legal community.

The two principal functions of HBTLJ is to supplement the legal education of its members and to contribute to legal scholarship.  The Journal is operated and managed entirely by the University of Houston Law Center students.  Student editors and members select, edit, and publish articles and notes.  These duties foster important skills in legal research and writing.  Moreover, the duties of the editorial board allow members to develop administerial, editorial, and managerial skills.  As a publication, our mission is to provide legal scholarship in the following areas of law: Antitrust, Bankruptcy, Corporate, Employment, Intellectual Property, Labor, Mergers and Acquisitions, Securities, and Tax.

For more information, please contact a member of the Houston Business and Tax Law Journal’s executive board.