Issue I

Modernizing Secured Financing Law for International Information Financing: A Conceptual Framework
Raymond T. Nimmer and Lorin Brennan

Devil’s Dictionary of Taxation
Kenneth H. Ryesky

New Rulemaking Approaches to Improve Federal Tax Administration Through Use of Precisional Substitutions That Avoid Valuation Uncertainties
Richard J. Kovach

Control Person Liability Under Section 20(A): Striking A Balance of Interests for Plaintiffs And Defendants
Erin L. Massey

Risky Business: Why Current And Developing Characteristics Of The Commercial Real Estate Market Will Not Tolerate The Expiration Of Federal Participation In Terrorism Insurance
Anthony L. Marre

The Affirmative Duty To Exercise Due Care In Willful Patent Infringement Cases: We Still Want It
Harold A. Borland

Issue II

Recent Enhancements in Antitrust Criminal Enforcement: Bigger Sticks and Sweeter Carrots
Glenn Harrison and Matthew Bell

Using the Attorney-Client Privilege as a Guide for Interpreting I.R.C. § 7525
John Gergacz

Plaintiffs’ Attorneys Beware: Little Known Tax Consequences Associated with Confidentiality Provisions
Randall O. Sorrels and Neel Choudhury

Driving Them Away – The Employee Who Quits in Response to Harassment The Supreme Court Suders Decision— Constructive Discharge and the Affirmative Defense Reviewing History to Find a Predictable Continuation of Sexual Harassment Jurisprudence and Employer liability Under Title VII
Alexis C. Knapp

Unilateral Economic Sanctions: Necessary Foreign Policy Tool or Ineffective Hindrance on American Businesses?
Harry Wolff