On and Over the Horizon: Emerging Issues in U.S. Taxation of Investments
William M. Funk

Reconsidering the Treatment of Investigatory Costs for Taxpayers with Existing Businesses
Glenn Walberg

Egyptian Goddess v. SWISA: Patently Obvious? Reconciling the Ordinary Observer and Point of Novelty Tests
Sylvia Ngo

The Impact of the Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards on the Legal Profession
Sharda Sharma

Choose Your Experts Carefully: Evaluating the Proposed Regulations on the Alternate Valuation Date in Light of Kohler
Brian E. Surratt


Excessive Executive Compensation: Prior Federal Attempts to Curb Perceived Abuses
Kathryn J. Kennedy

Executive Compensation: Much to do About…
James R. Raborn

Deferred Compensation for the Employees of Tax Indifferent Private Equity Funds
Shane M. Tucker

Issue III

The Road to Transfer Tax Simplifications is Paved with Incremental Intentions, Now.
Kelly Moore and David Frederick

Geoffrey v. Commissioner: The Fall of “Toys R Us” and the Rise of “Tax R Us”
Vivian Lei

Southern Discomfort: An Examination of the Financial Crisis in Jefferson County, Alabama
Robin Smith

Method in the Madness: Defining Subject Matter Eligibility for Method Patents Amidst Bilski’s Muddied Interpretation
Grace Wu