Issue I

Pass-Through Entity Taxation: A Tempest in the Tax Reform Teapot
Bret Wells

Idealogical Voting on the National Labor Relations Board Revisited (With Special Reference To Decision-Bargaining Over Employer Relocation Decisions)
Ronald Turner

Holy Profits: How Federal Law Allows for the Abuse of the Church Tax-Exempt Status
Mathew Encino

Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth: The Fifth Circuit’s McCoy Decision Needlessly Creates a Taxing Situation for Bankrupt Taxpayers
Kieone Cochran

Social Media: What Control Do Employers Have Over Employee Social Media Activity in the Workplace?
Jessica Ireton

Issue II

Relearning the Lesson: IRS Judicial Doctrine Attacks on the Captive Insurance Company Pre-Planned Tax Deductible Life Insurance Tax Shelter
Beckett G. Cantley

Lawyering On Behalf of the Non-Debtor Party in Anticipation, and During the Course, of an Executory Contract Counterparty’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case
Josiah M. Daniel, III

Executive Pay Does Not Need Its Day In Court
Kevin Schott

From Pine Straw to cDNA: The History of the “Product of Nature” Doctrine
William D. Sprott