Issue I

The Origin of the Claim Doctrine and Litigation Expenses with a Connection to Property Transactions – Woodward and Hilton Hotels Post Ash Grove Cement
Philip G. Cohen

Golden Apple of Discord: International Cost-Sharing Arrangements
Debra Brubaker Burns

The Cultural and Psychological Characteristics of Chinese Consumers and Their Influence on the Trademark Law in China
Yan Xu

Law and Business: Good News for Retiree Benefit Plans and Yard-Man
Moises Morales, III

Issue II

Selected Topics Regarding the Taxation of Oil and Gas Farmout Transactions
John T. Bradford

Shareholder Oppression and the New Louisiana Business Corporation Act
Douglas K. Moll

Efficacy of Carbon Taxes and Recommendations for Cutting Carbon Emissions
Jeremy Freeman

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures: The Cost to Multinational Corporations of Implementing FATCA
Callyn H. Terveer

Borrower Beware: Ramifications of the Court’s Recharacterization of a Loan Transaction
L.K. Napoli