Issue I

Google’s “Alphabet Soup” In Delaware
Bret N. Bogenschneider & Ruth Heilmeier

Who Sits On Texas Corporate Boards? Texas Corporate Directors: Who they Are & What They Do
Lawrence J. Trautman

When Classical Doctrines of Products Liability Encounter 3D Printing: New Challenges In The New Landscape
Shen Wang

Avoiding Texas Nonprofit Corporation Disclosure Requirements: Knapp Medical Center v. Grass
Drew Barber

Attempting To Reform The Use Of Local Property Taxes To Finance Education: A Strategic Approach
Alissa Gipson

Issue II

Corporate Social Responsibility and Taxation: The Next Step of the Evolution
Doron Narotzki

“Owning” What You “buy”: How iTunes Uses Federal Copyright Law to Limit Inheritability of Content, and the Need to Expand the First Sale Doctrine to Include Digital Assets
Anthony C. Eichler

One Standard to Rule Them All: An Argument for Consistency In Education Debt Discharge In Bankruptcy Proceedings
Ben Wallen

The Relativity of an Abstract Idea: A Practicable Approach to Alice’s Inventive Concept
Timothy J. Busse