You are the key to ensuring the success of Houston Business and Tax Law Journal (“HBTLJ”). As with other student-run legal publications, HBTLJ requires funding to operate successfully. However, unlike other publications, HBTLJ is entirely self supportive. As such, HBTLJ relies heavily on contributions from the community. Your tax-deductible contribution, or a contribution on your firm’s behalf, will provide the resources necessary for computers, printers, office supplies, the e-journal website and publication of the printed editions.

As a sponsor, you (or your firm) will be recognized in the e-journal and printed edition as a Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze member, based on your contribution level as described below. Additionally, all Platinum and Gold sponsors will receive an invitation to HBTLJ’s annual awards banquet.

For your convenience, HBTLJ accepts your contributions via check or credit card. If you have any questions, would like to discuss your contribution, or would like to receive additional information, please feel free to contact the Managing Editor. Your gift is greatly appreciated and will go a long way toward building a solid future for the Houston Business and Tax Law Journal.

Contributions by Check:

To make a contribution by check, please print and complete our donation form and return it, together with your check, to:

University of Houston Law Center
Houston Business and Tax Law Journal
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